Can I borrow a kiss?

Hey I'm Sarah, I'm 16.I live in California.I belong to many fandoms.Feel free to ask anything. Stay strong,beautiful.kik me itssarah_98 (=^ェ^=)

Remember the motto: killer girls to die for. Be that girl - you are that girl. • Femme Fatale


at least SOMEONE laughs at my jokes. it’s me. i laugh at my own jokes.

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…There’s something about being extremely unashamed about what you are that really pisses people off. It means you’re going to get a lot of people that understand it and love it and a lot of people that don’t understand it and they hate it… — Gerard Way.

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that’s… kinda true

Put a “Hey Babe” in my ask if you’d date me


srsly im not fucking around

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this kid in my drama class said “i relate to loki on a personal level because we’re both adopted and yearn for world domination”

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